Re-membering your Soul's joy

August 2, 2022

7:00 PM (BST)

Ceryn Rowntree



We are so often led to past life work as a source of healing; revisiting the pains and traumas held in our akashic records as a way to make sense of our experiences in this lifetime. But what about the plentiful experiences of joy we've had in lives gone by? What could we recall into our lives if we truly remembered the highest highs and deepest beauties of our own lifetimes past? Join Ceryn for a workshop on the joyful side of past life work, including a deep energy activation journey into the Akashic records and our own soul memories to re-member the greatest joy of our Souls. Book your place on this as a standalone website, or join Ceryn for all six of her Summer Soul Sessions at a reduced price.