Re-weaving the fullness of your planetary connection

August 9, 2022

7:00 PM (BST)

Ceryn Rowntree



In days gone by our ancestors were so deeply connected to this beautiful planet we call home; able to tap into the energies and gifts of the Earth at any given moment and forever certain that they were held by and within her bountiful abundance. In the times since we have undergone what is often known as "The Great Severing", but it's time to repair that severance and to wholly reconnect with the natural world around you. For the good of yourself and this beautiful planet. Join Ceryn for a workshop on the depth of our connection to Earth, including a deep energy activation journey to fully repair your connection to Gaia and restore the fullness of your relationship with her. Enjoy this as a standalone workshop or book alongside Ceryn's other Summer of Soul workshops to enjoy a reduced price package.