Claiming the potential of your parallel lives

August 16, 2022

7:00 PM (BST)

Ceryn Rowntree



We all know the theory that for every choice we make a different reality is birthed somewhere in the Universe. Imagine what that could mean; the possibilities that have unfolded, all that you have experienced, and what the recognition of that would mean for your sense of potential today. It's time for us to do this work. Time to witness and integrate the fullness of possibility that is available to us and what we have already benefited from and experienced. Join Ceryn to learn more about the possibility and potency that can be found in working with alternate lifetimes, before taking an energy activation journey to connect with and claim the potential of all that is available within our own parallel lives. Book your place here as a standalone workshop or sign up for all six of Ceryn's Summer Soul sessions at a specially reduced rate.