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    Unlocking the primal power within

    We've been led to believe that these human bodies of ours are weak; that to be human is somehow to be less than, to be powerless, and to struggle. But that wasn't always the case. Back in the days of our primal ancestors, we had access to a deeper sense of power, insight and connection than so many of us have even begun to imagine. Isn't it time we unlocked that for ourselves once again? Join Ceryn on a journey to more deeply understand the fullness and meaning of our primal power; before taking part in a deep energy activation which will unlock this power within you and your life once and for all.

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    Summer Soul Sessions

    A complete package of all six Summer Soul Sessions workshops, run online by Ceryn in the Summer of 2022, including: Reclaiming your ancestral wisdom; Re-membering your Soul's joy; Re-weaving the fullness of your planetary connection; Claiming the potential of your parallel lives; Unlocking your primal power within; Honouring the voice of your Guides. This package includes video recordings of all six workshops.

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    Honouring the voice of your guides workshop

    We're told that each of us has a team of guides, helpers and supporters who are always on hand in spirit, watching and ever waiting to share their wisdom and insights with us. And though that sounds wonderful in practice, this loud and busy world of ours can make it challenging to hear our guides - never mind to honour and share whatever they have to share with us. Join Ceryn for a deep dive into connecting with and honouring our guides, including a potent energy activation which will enable you to more deeply connect with and share the voices of your own spiritual support team now and moving forwards.

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    Self-sourcing with Sekhem energy

    Join Ceryn Rowntree and Rachael Morley for a journey to understand and experience he beautiful andf potent energy of Sekhem. Shared with us from Sirius by way of Ancient Egypt, Sekhem is a healing energy closely aligned with the lioness-headed Goddess Sekhmet.

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    Claiming the potential of your parallel lives

    We all know the theory that for every choice we make a different reality is birthed somewhere in the Universe. Imagine what that could mean; the possibilities that have unfolded, all that you have experienced, and what the recognition of that would mean for your sense of potential today. It's time for us to do this work. Time to witness and integrate the fullness of possibility that is available to us and what we have already benefited from and experienced. Join Ceryn to learn more about the possibility and potency that can be found in working with alternate lifetimes, before taking an energy activation journey to connect with and claim the potential of all that is available within our own parallel lives.

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    Reclaiming your ancestral wisdom

    You've read all of the books and taken all of the courses, yet still the wisdom you were assured was yours seems elusive - hidden and just out of your reach. Why? Because the wisdom isn't anywhere outside of yourself but within you, held in your very blood thanks to the ancestors that came before you all the way back to the very dawn of time. Join Ceryn for this special workshop in which we'll talk through the power and possibilities of ancestral re-connection, before taking part in an energy activation journey that will support you to reclaim the wisdom of your own ancestors. Download this recording as a standalone event or order the Summer Soul Sessions package to enjoy all six sessions at a discounted price.

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    Re-membering your Soul's joy

    We are so often led to past life work as a source of healing; revisiting the pains and traumas held in our akashic records as a way to make sense of our experiences in this lifetime. But what about the plentiful experiences of joy we've had in lives gone by? What could we recall into our lives if we truly remembered the highest highs and deepest beauties of our own lifetimes past? Join Ceryn for a workshop on the joyful side of past life work, including a deep energy activation journey into the Akashic records and our own soul memories to re-member the greatest joy of our Souls. Download this as a standalone workshop, or enjoy Ceryn for all six of her Summer Soul Sessions at a reduced price by ordering the Summer Soul Sessions package.

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    Re-weaving the fullness of your planetary connection

    In days gone by our ancestors were so deeply connected to this beautiful planet we call home; able to tap into the energies and gifts of the Earth at any given moment and forever certain that they were held by and within her bountiful abundance. In the times since we have undergone what is often known as "The Great Severing", but it's time to repair that severance and to wholly reconnect with the natural world around you. For the good of yourself and this beautiful planet. Join Ceryn for a workshop on the depth of our connection to Earth, including a deep energy activation journey to fully repair your connection to Gaia and restore the fullness of your relationship with her. Download this as a standalone workshop or enjoy all six of Ceryn's Summer Soul Sessions workshops at a reduced price by ordering the package of that name.